Seaside Times Article

Marmalade Tart Article Sept 2014

This great article appears in the September, 2014 Issue of the Seaside Times.  To read the issue, including a fabulous fashion spread featuring Marmalade Tart Boutique fashions, click here.

Have You Seen The New Shop?

Shop Panorama copy.jpg

On July 17, we opened in our fabulous new space, right next door to the old shop and we love it.  We’re sure you will too. Same building, just the next unit, #103 instead of #102.

We moved for a couple of reasons.  The biggest reason is that we felt we weren’t able to show you everything we had to its best advantage because we always felt just a little cramped.  With twice the space we now have 5 fitting rooms to serve you better and much improved display space.  

Our other reason is that we are planning to add shoes to the mix.  We will have some great ones for the Fall and even selection for Spring 2015. We’ll never be a shoe store but we want to have some really fun, flirty fabulous styles that complement our great clothing.

Get Ready to Get Hot


Beating the rain, wind and short days with a winter holiday is a Canadian post Christmas tradition.   Starting the Spring fashion season with early shipments of cruise and holiday wear is a Marmalade Tart Boutique tradition.  We love it when the new season beckons, and 2014 is irresistible with punchy bright colours and sophisticated whites.  Just what you need to make a chic entrance!

Embark in style with our winter holiday collection.  It will effortlessly take you from the plane to the beach to dinner with colourful style.  You will look great and feel great with a flexible layered look.  When you return, it will also fit seamlessly into your spring wardrobe.   

White is a new colour trend for Spring 2014 that works perfectly for your vacation somewhere hot.  Its simple, goes with everything and perfect for layering. Add a splash of bright colour to a simple silhouette and you create instant springtime style.

Basics are the key and we have an exclusive Neon Buddha Tee that is an amazing basic, made especially for Marmalade Tart Boutique.   Just the right weight, extremely flattering, many great colours and 100% pre-shrunk cotton, all at a fantastic price.  Get a couple!

It’s the materials that really make winter holiday clothing work.  Easy care, easy to wear.

Are you ready to get hot? 


Many women tell us they love the layered looks they see but just don’t know where to start.  Others worry about layering making them seem bigger than they are. Well, we can help.  Let us show you how a jacket, cardi, vest or fly away over a more fitted top can be so flattering and make you look fabulous.  

Not only that but layering extends your closet by letting you combine pieces into different outfits.  The same pieces can be dressy one day and casual the next, depending on what you wear them with.

You can layer with matched pieces from the same line, like Chalet or Neon Buddha, that are designed with layering in mind.  Or you can mix and match, playing with textures and materials, like silk with wool to lighten the feel.  You might throw a jean jacket over a great top or tunic with leggings.  You could wear an eye-catching tee with a cardi and great pair of jeans for a casual look or dress pants to be a bit dressier. 

Accessories are key.  A strategically placed belt, a little bling, maybe a fun necklace or flirty scarf can make all the difference.  Length and proportion are very important in layering, with the right pieces combining to slim and flatter.

At Marmalade Tart Boutique we like nothing better than helping you find the style that works best for you.  Want to try the layered look but aren’t quite sure?  We’d love to work with you and have bit of fun trying some flirty fabulous fashion

Jeans, Jeans, Jeans

Jean Jacket and Coral Jeans

Love jeans but hate buying them?  Join the club.

And it’s a great club.  We have daily meetings at Marmalade Tart Boutique where we love to match the jeans to the woman.  

A good pair of jeans is every woman’s go to bottom line fashion basic.  It’s really all about body shape and jeans styles.  Whatever your body type there are jeans that will make you look great and jeans that just won’t work for you.  We are experts in helping you find the ones that work.  We’ll give you an experience to remember and share a laugh while we do it.

We have three pieces of advice for all our jean customers:

  • Don’t be afraid to try something new or different.  Fashion evolves all the time and sometimes a new fit or style can surprise you.
  • Bring an outfit into the dressing room when trying on jeans—a fun pair of shoes or top will help complete the look, trying on the entire ensemble makes a huge difference.
  • Make sure to move around and try some stretches and lunges to make sure you are buying the proper size and that the jeans stretch with you.
Jeans WHITE cropped

We have some really great jeans in right now.  Our favorites are Fidelity, a truly quality jean, Cookie Johnsons, made famous by Oprah, DBD by Dish jeans, great skinnies with the softest denim you’ll find.  With these jeans, you never have to sacrifice comfort for style.

For many of our customers, it’s hard to find jeans with enough rise to be comfortable.  We have 9 inch plus rise jeans in all our lines, just for you.

Colours?  You may have noticed its not just blue jeans anymore.  We have some really fantastic colours including red, cobalt, coral and black.  If that’s not enough, you should see the fun, flirty jeans coming for the Fall, with coated denim and some funky new colours and textures.

Just want nice dark-wash blue jeans that make you look great.  Well, we have that too at Marmalade Tart Boutique, along with lot and lots and lots of fabulous tees and tops to create a stunning outfit.

Come on in and treat yourself to a Marmalade Tart experience.

Lisette Pants

Have you seen these fantastic Canadian designed and manufactured pants?  They are extremely flattering, well made and a great price point.  Some really funky colours and patterns, plus the basic black standby, in several lengths and styles.  We just love them and its great to be able to Buy Canadian.

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